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For men who are losing their hair, there is a safe and effective solution. Profollica is a product designed just for men to reduce hair loss while promoting hair growth. It is a doctor approved formula that has no reported adverse side effects. Profollica is used for 60 consecutive days and stimulates blood circulation, as well as feed the follicles.

The product also regulates sebum production and scalp oiliness, along with fortifying the scalp with vitamins and nutrients that prevent hair loss, increases the texture, elasticity and quality of hair. The renewed hair will receive suppleness, sheen and body and protects against sun that will harm the scalp. The product will also relieve itchy and dry scalp conditions.

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For 15 years Profollica was researched and studied and the conclusion was hair loss is equated with DHT levels. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone is a form of testosterone that is quite damaging and destroys hair follicles. The goal of Profollica is to lower the DHT levels to slow down hair loss and regenerate renewed growth.


The DHT that damages hair follicles is created by alpha5 which reduces enzymes that binds to free testosterone and forms the DHT that damages follicles to the point of no return. This process is called follicle miniaturization. Profollica is designed to stop that process and protect the hair.

Profollica is a dual process that stops hair fallout and treats it from both inside and out. The first step is to take a daily supplement designed to fortify the body with amino acids, protein and nutrients along with herbal extracts to control DHT production. The second step is the application of an activator get that contains trichogen. It is clinically proven to improve hair growth while blocking DHT progress.

Studies proved that after 112 days of using Profollica, 90% of the test subjects experienced hair loss and more than 87% experienced more hair volume and growth and 41% of the test subjects observed hair loss in the shower especially after shampooing while 24% observed less hair loss after combing it.

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